Monday, April 28, 2008

How left-brained (male brained?) are you?

Responding to my first left-brain epiphany installment, Tim Worstall sent me a link to an updated, Americanized version of the popular left-brain/"male"-brain/systematizer vs. right-brain/"female"-brain/empathy test (MaleFemale.asp, to the left, on the sidebar).  

I took it this morning.

Here are your EQ SQ results:

EQ : 33
SQ : 72
Brain Type : Systemizing

What does your score mean?

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Though I think of myself as strongly systematizing, I was surprised at how high I scored on this particular measure. As with the British version, the questions seemed biased towards certain types of systems. Many address visual ones like machine mechanics and how objects are put together. Others focus on detail-intensive systems like accounting and history. Neither of these subtypes grab me--not because I don't love systems, but because I'm weak at spatial reasoning and terrible at keeping track of details.

In a systematizing test biased more towards more conceptual systems like language, math, cognition, and the mechanics of ecology, evolution, and social interaction, I imagine I'd be off the charts.

In his book The Essential Difference, Simon Baron-Cohen, the author of these tests, argues that males tend to be systematizers and women, empathizers.  Perhaps if he asked fewer questions about automechanics, camera lenses and sound systems, and more about grammar, cognition, and social systems, the gender difference would look less systematic.

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Cranberry said...

Funny, I'm female, yet I came out as "extreme systemizing." ( 23 EQ, 82 SQ). This didn't surprise my husband one bit. He calls me "the most rational person" he knows.

Not coincidentally, I find many of your opinions on education are in line with my own. I am enjoying reading through your blog.