Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Math problem of the week: Investigations vs. Singapore Math

1. Grade 1 Investigations, Number Games and Story Problems, Investigation 2, Session 3, Student Sheet 12.

Collect 25¢

Note to families: Your child may play this game with only pennies.  Other coins are optional. If you don't have a dot cube (or die), use Number Cards or write the numbers 1-6 on slips of paper, turn them facedown, and draw them from a pool.

Materials: One dot cub
Coins (about 30 pennies, 6 nickels, 4 dimes, and 1 quarter)

Players: 2
Object: With a partner, collect 25¢ in coins.
How to Play
1. To start, one player rolls the dot cube. What amount did you roll?  Take that amount in coins.
2. Take turns rolling the dot cube.  Take that amount in coins and add them to the collection. You may use all pennies, or you may trade coins at any time (for example, 1 nickel for 5 pennies).
3. After each turn, check your total amount.  The game ends when you have 25¢


2. Grade 1 Singapore MathFrom a similar point in the curriculum, Primary Mathematics 1B Workbook, p. 151


40 - 30 = 60 - 20 = 
49 - 30 = 62 - 20 =
30 - 10 = 80 - 40 =
36 - 10 = 83 - 40 =
50 - 40 = 90 - 80 =
57 - 40 = 95 - 80 =


OILF exercise for parents:  Enumerate the math skills that each assignment involves.

Extra Credit: For each assignment, from start (reading the directions) to finish (putting everything away), estimate the ratio of learning to time expenditure.


Lsquared said...

Actually, the game is great. Except, you have to play it with nickels and dimes, because almost all of the math is in the exchanging and the mental arithmetic involved with that. And you should go to 50 or 100, not 25. And once you've played it for a while, you really should switch to a die labelled 4-9 or 5-10, so as to practice adding on higher numbers (and you really start getting the good mental math when you roll a 9, and you start realizing that you can put back a penny and take a dime).

The best thing about the game is that whoever starts first usually wins, which leads to kids who are happy to play it long enough to learn something from it. But don't play it just with pennies: that's pointless.

lefty said...

Yes, with all those changes, it would be a much better game.