Saturday, June 21, 2008

Summer math projects: grade 2

Accompanying my daughter's report card yesterday was the following assignment for a "summer math project":

*Select a community worker/helper. Write 3-5 sentences about he or she uses math at work. Provide an illustration or model. Make it colorful and be creative. :-)

*Design a phone directory. Include the fire department, police department, hospital, library, school, ____, ____, (The blank lines represent two additional choices that the student should provide for the directory [e.g., church, neighborhood store, community center]).


My daughter is rather shy, and I'm having trouble thinking of an appropriate "community worker/helper" for her to interview.

Then it hits me: her grandfather!  A retired--but active--math professor, he might have some interesting things to say about how he uses math at work.

...As well as whether "math projects" such as this one make students better mathematicians.

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