Thursday, July 31, 2008

Math problems of the week: Grade 5 Trailblazers vs. Singapore Math

1. From the final page of the 5th grade Math Trailblazer's Student Guide:

Write a paragraph comparing two pieces of work in your portfolio that are alike in some way. For example, you can compare two labs or your solutions to two problems you solved. One piece should be new and one should be from the beginning of the year. Use these questions to help you write your paragraph:

* Which two pieces did you choose to compare?
* How are they alike? How are they different?
* Do you see any improvement in the newest piece of work as compared to the older work? Explain.
* If you could redo the older piece of work, how would you improve it?
* How could you improve the newer piece of work?         

Write about your favorite piece of work in your portfolio. Tell why you like it. Explain what you learned from it.

2. From the final page of the 5th grade Singapore Math Primary Mathematics Workbook 5B:

Roxanne types at a rate of 5 pages in 45 minutes.

(a) How long will she take to type 1 page?

(b) How many pages can she type in 1 minute?

(c) Let y = the minutes and x = the number of pages. Write an equation relating the number of pages typed to the minutes.

(d) Use the equation to find how long will she take to type 20 pages.

(e) Graph the equation.  Label the axes appropriately.

(f) From the graph, find the number of pages typed at 27 min.

(g) Use the graph to find the time taken to type 4 pages.


Need we say more?

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