Thursday, October 16, 2008

Math problems of the week: grade 3 Trailblazers vs. Singapore Math

1. From 3rd grade Math Trailblazers, end of the fractions unit:

Look for fractions at home and in your neighborhood.  You might look in the newspaper (especially in the ads) or in magazines, in cookbooks, in the mail, or on signs.  Try to find at least six fractions.

Write about each fraction you find.  Tell what the whole is, and try to draw a picture that shows the whole and the fractions.

2. From the 3rd grade Singapore Primary Mathematics (3B) end of fractions unit:

Polly has 12 ribbons.  1/3 of the ribbons are red.  The rest are yellow.
(a) What fraction of her ribbons are yellow?
(b) How many ribbons are yellow?

Extra credit:

What fraction of each assignment involves math?

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