Sunday, October 5, 2008

So you want to do a science experiment? Knock yourself out!

But wouldn't you rather write a personal reflection about science instead?

Every week J. has to do 15 points worth of science homework.  A "response sheet" gets you 5 points (this week's:  a "note to Josh" about your ideas about stream tables); a personal reflection about a science article earns you 7 points.  

But if you really want to do science, you can do the science experiment.  This week's involves the following:
Set up a scene with about 2 inches (5 cm) of sand or soil in the box.
Build and/or add one type of barrier, in the middle of the box.

Turn on the fan and let it run for five to ten minutes, depending upon the action you observe.

Photograph the changes in your soil or sand. Be sure to notice what happens both in front of and behind the barrier.

Repeat with several different barriers in the wind path. 
Building barriers; acquiring sand and soil; pouring it into boxes; blowing it; taking pictures; repeat?  Hmm... maybe we should do the personal reflection instead.

Except that we saw how J's teachers feel about his personal reflections....

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