Sunday, November 16, 2008

6th Grade English Class in the 21st Century: multiple literacies

The part of 6th grade English class that should stump a fluent but grammar and reading comprehension -impaired kid with autism, one would think, would be the reading and writing component.

Somehow, though, my son is getting A's in his reading and writing assignments.

But then there's his "All About Me" shield:

In not wanting to "privilege" the written word, we're shortchanging those with art disabilities.

...And those whose parents aren't motivated to oversee the more questionable assignments.


Mrs. C said...

Oh, my. Please tell me you are all over this one at the school. Your poor son.

lefty said...

Thanks for your sympathies, Mrs. C! There was so much even more alarming stuff to cover at last week's meeting that we never got to this one!