Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Autism Diaries: mind games, part II

When he insisted it was all a dream, I asked J whether it was also all just a dream for Daddy, whom I had called after it had happened so that J could hear me communicate to the other domestic authority figure the consequence of his Friday night behavior--"never, never going to the Chinese restaurant again." J dropped the subject and hasn't revisited it since.

Sort of...

A week later, this past Friday, I appeared unexpectedly in his doorway while he was sprawled on the floor doing something on his computer that he didn't want me to see (either trying to download games for free, or sending emails to people asking to play with their wiis and ceiling fans). He reflexively slammed the door with his foot and unintentionally hit me, hard, in the temple.

He immediately apologized, and, seeing how upset I was, ran down two flights of stairs on his own initiative and brought up an ice pack, which he'd jury-rigged from a sandwich bag around an ice cube, handed it to me, and repeatedly asked me whether I was OK.

Then, suddenly, I could see a thought flit across his eyes.

"Did you lose your memory?" He asked, ever so slightly hopefully.

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