Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Autism Diaries IV: life skills

My son enjoys Set:

And he recently noticed that our Set deck was missing exactly one of its 81 cards. Since he's autistic, it's no surprise that he deduced, in no time, exactly which combination of shape, color, number, and filling this card had.

Much more surprising was that he succeeded, all by himself, in getting the Set company to send him a replacement.

First he tracked down their website and found a contact person. Then he sent them the following email message:
Subject: Lost card

I have lost a set card. It is 2 purple unshaded, unstriped ovals. Please get me new one. My address is [exact address, properly formatted, complete with zip.]
After receiving back the following reply:
Dear Mr. [],

Please send us a self-addressed stamped envelope with a note stating which card you've lost and we'll be happy to mail it to you with 24-48 hours of receiving your mail.
He tracked down an envelope, put his address and a stamp on it (expressing great enthusiasm for the concept of a self-addressed, stamped envelope), and inserted it into another envelop along with the following message:
He received the card in the mail a few days later.


Mrs. C said...

WOW Good for him!!!

I never would have thought they'd do that... goes to show it can't hurt to ask.

Liz Ditz said...

Hooray for self-advocacy.

Jackie Ballarini said...

I'm impressed with both your son and the company!

-another Set Game aficionado

Anonymous said...

ahh, how cute.