Monday, December 29, 2008

Favorite comments of '08: grades

PaulB on Earning high grades in Reform Math III:

Last year I observed a grade 2 Investigations class over the whole year (about once each week). There was this little guy in there who was a pattern Prodigy. He saw patterns in everything and often rearranged the work to suit his pattern fetish. He was something else.

The teacher was always redirecting him, trying to get him to stay on the Investigation's reservation. He'd get all dejected and go away after having his (excellent) observations shot down.

I'm betting he'd be someone that could thrive in another program and get marginal grades in his classroom.I wanted so much to get my hands on him and get him out of there.......
Anonymous on How to ration high grades:
My children's school has the 1-5 grading standards thing going. You can't get higher than a 3 in October, you can't get higher than a 4 in March, and the school won't say what it takes to get a 5.
Catherine Johnson on Why left-brainers depend more than others on high grades:
The whole leadership thing is a nightmare, period.

How many kids are "leaders"?

Our own kid is completely out of the running if that's going to be the criterion -- and he's a verbal/history/humanities type.

His joke with Ed is that when he gets to high school he's going to form a "Leadership Club." (Apparently, founding a club is a BIG WAY a kid can "demonstrate leadership" -- or so the various media reports, etc., say.)

C. is going to found a Leadership Club, and everyone will get to be Leader for one month at a time, on rotation.

I'm sure that will knock them dead in the Ivies.

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