Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Favorite comments of '08: left-brained epiphanies

Liz Ditz on Left-brained epiphanies:

1984 was a watershed year for me: I acquired an Osborne portable computer (which I named Ozzie). Suddenly, I discovered the satisfactions of quantitative analysis! I did not have to undertake the huge cognitive burden of mathematics my own self -- my faithful friend Ozzie did the calculations, and I could now play with assumptions. I was in an MBA program at the time. I'd read a case study, and have a way of quantifying my sense that "hmmmn, something's wrong here". I had enough math to set up the parameters, and Ozzie's abilities let me play until my intuitions were quantified.
Alison on Are all epiphanies right-brained?
My left-brained-ness would like stories about musicians who are woken up to physics, about preschool teachers who finally understand market economics instead of "feelings", too, but how many left brainers are writing such stories? and who would buy them?
Dawn on Are all epiphanies right-brained?
Hah! I'm been a life-long dreamer who draws and sings and is (or so I thought) as right-brained as the day is long.

Then I started really looking at math while homeschooling my kids and engaging in demanding debates and suddenly I've had a blossoming of rational thought and a found a lot of joy in numbers. It has been wonderful.

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