Sunday, December 28, 2008

Favorite comments of '08: interdisciplinary projects

VickyS on Thoughts on Relevance: How much relevance is relevant?

For 5 years I've been pulling my hair out trying to understand why school is no longer about EXPANDING my kids' horizons. The kids I know long to stretch their intellect and accumulate knowledge. Instead, most school days involve nothing more than navel-gazing. My connections. My family. My neighborhood. My feelings. How utterly boring and uninspiring.
Dawn on Right-brained foreign language assignments: the German tissue box:
And why stop at a tissue box? Imagine the creativity and learning if it were a chip bag or a styrofoam cup or even, oh my, a toilet paper roll!!
KathyIggy on Summer math projects: grade 6:
No summer projects here, thank goodness. I would go crazy as all these "be creative" projects push me over the edge during the year! I had my fill of posters, brochures, advertisements, etc. last year. Social studies for my 6th grader was never ending projects with very little content.
K9Sasha on Math projects and children with autism:
Who is the better artist - someone who's never taken an art class, or someone who knows all about line, space, perspective, color, etc.? Who is the better musician - someone who's never learned to read music, or someone who knows how to change from one key to another, how long to hold each note, when to use melody and when to use dissonance, etc.? While there may be a few people who are naturals, in almost every case the people who understand the fundamentals are able to use that knowledge to be more creative. This c*** about teachers simply telling students to be creative has no basis in the real world.

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