Friday, December 19, 2008

Math problem of the week: 5th grade Investigations vs. Singapore Math

1. From the end of the 5th grade Investigations (TERC) unit on fractions and percentages ("Name that Portion"):

Rudy ate 25% of a pizza. Eli ate 50% of a different pizza. Is it possible that Rudy ate more pizza than Eli? Why do you think this?


2. From the end of the 5th grade Singapore Math unit on percentages ("Percentage"):

There are 55 apples in a box. 40% of them are red apples and the rest are green apples. How many green apples are there in the box?


3. Extra Credit:

(a) Estimate the proportion of 5th grade math buffs who will give satisfactory answers (sufficient verbosity; no sarcasm allowed) to the Investigations problem.

(b) Of the 5th grade Reform Math students who provide satisfactory answers to the Investigations problem, estimate the proportion that can provide satisfactory answers to the Singapore Math problem.

(c) From your answers to (a) and (b), estimate the correlation between success with Investigations and success with mathematics.

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