Thursday, December 11, 2008

Math problems of the week: 2nd grade Investigations vs. Singpore Math

1. ~One third of the way through our school's 2nd grade Investigations curriculum:

2. ~One third of the way through 2nd Grade Singapore Math:


CCUSD Watch said...


I am almost positive that SM multiplication page is from second grade, not first.

See Primary Mathematics U.S. Edition 2A, Section 5.

lefty said...

You're right! There are both from 2nd grade, in fact. I'll make the correction now. (They're from my daughter's curriculum, and she is in 2nd grade). Sorry about the mistake.

Anonymous said...

I am not sure what you are trying to compare here. There are problems like the ones from your Investigation example in the Singapore curriculum, and later than a third of the way from the beginning of second grade. I am not trying to stick up for the reform math; I use the Primary Math. But if you are trying to show how they compare, it seems it be more accurate to compare the same topics within grade levels, since topics are often covered in a different order between curricula? Such as comparing 2B workbook p. 162 in the US edition to this, which is on area, not on multiplication by 2.

lefty said...


I agree that by topic makes the most sense. But this is the closest comparison I've come up with for this set. I'm curious, where in the 2nd grade Singapore Math curriculum have you come up with a problem involving counting squares? I don't see one anywhere in my 2A and 2B books.

Thanks for the page numbers!

lefty said...


I should clarify that I'm comparing the U.S. Reform Math curriculum to the Standards Edition, not the U.S. edition. My 2A, p. 162 is different from yours, and neither 2A nor 2B have any square counting problems.

Anonymous said...

There is a brief introduction to area at the very end of 2B in the US edition. That got moved to third grade in the standards edition since area is not a standard in CA until then. It was one of I think two things in the whole curriculum that was moved up (there were other things moved down, like fraction of a set is not begun until 4A in US edition, but there is a bit now in both second and third grade standards edition).

The chapter on area does start out with counting squares, but not just rectangles, and not just whole squares.

I would guess that Investigations does not do multiplication at all in second grade?