Monday, January 19, 2009

Autism Diaries VI: a Macintosh by any other name

J. has discovered he can disgust his younger sister with the messy way he eats his favorite fruit, Macintosh apples: "Macintosh apples can 'ew' you!" So now he plays it up even more, opening his mouth even wider while eating; leaving bits up half-chewed Macintosh on the stairs; printing out images of cut-up Macintosh apples (the fruits of Google Images) to display around the house.

Things have gotten so out of hand that we finally told him that we won't be buying any more Macintosh apples for him until he cuts it out.

"Can we buy Empire apples, instead?" he inquired yesterday, while gearing up for the weekly trip to the grocery store with Daddy.

"OK," we agreed. Fruits are J's only vegetables, and we don't want a punishment to limit his nutritional intake.

Later, he and Daddy returned with a large bag of Empire apples. At least, that's what we thought they were.

Eventually, unable to hold back the satisfaction of reveling in his mischief with others, J explains that, while Daddy wasn't looking (and, apparently, while none of the store clerks were looking either), he'd switched all the stickers on the Empire and Macintosh apples on the top-most layer of their adjacent store bins.

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