Thursday, January 29, 2009

Math problems of the week: 4th grade Mathland vs. Singapore Math

1. From the final word problems in MathLand's Skill Power for grade 4 (pp. 218-219):

The answer is 85 cents. Write at least 6 different equations that have this answer.


Gina scored 12 points in last night's basketball game. She scored 1/6 of her team's points. How many total points did the team score?

A. 24 points. C. 72 points
B. 36 points. D. 84 points

2. From the final word problems in Singapore Math's 4th grade Primary Mathematics Workbook, 4B:

Karen earned $840 a month. She spent 2/5 of it on food. How much did she spend on food?


Alan used 3/4 of his money to buy a watch which cost $45. How much money did he have left?

3. Extra Credit:

The answer is MathLand. Write at least 6 different questions that have this answer.

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