Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Grading for Creativity in Social Studies

Exhibit A-- 25% off for deficient creativity in a Social Studies project
(yielding a 3 on a 0-4 scale):

Can anyone out there give me one good reason why grade school teachers should be rating their students for creativity?


Cheryl van Tilburg said...

No, unless they're an art teacher and creativity is being specifically taught in the class (which is rare and difficult).

I remember vaguely a hilarious suggestion from Catherine at KTM that parents ask if teachers are credentialed in art, and therefore qualified to accurately judge and grade quality....

Imagine if all parents asked that question when they saw grading rubrics like the one you posted!

Take care, Leftie!

YACWW said...

I like your blog. It has an interesting approach to math.

Creativity is subjective. Not all biographies are just paper and pencil reports. If the teacher allows for diversity and open thinking in the classroom than creativity can flow. One does not need an art degree or certificaton to have creative abilities or the eye to judge creativity. For creativity to be graded then guidelines are clearly stated that students can present their project in various mediums, such as video, painting, play, costume, sculpture, etc.