Friday, March 6, 2009

Math problem of the week: 2nd Grade Investigations vs. Singapore Math

1. The totality of this week's (TERC) 2nd grade Investigations homework:

Fingers and Toes at Home

NOTE: Students practice counting by groups of 5 and 10.

Figure out how many fingers and toes there are in your home. Use numbers and pictures or words to show your thinking.

[1/4 page of white space]

Can you also use tally marks?

[1/4 page of white space]

Enough for the class

NOTE: Students compare two amounts and find the difference.

There are 21 students in Ms. Tom's class. Each student needs an eraser. Ms. Tom has 13 erasers.

1. Are there enough for the class? YES NO
2. Are there any extra erasers? YES NO
How many? _________
3. Does Ms. Tom need more erasers? YES NO
How many? _________
4. How did you figure it out? Use this space to show your work.

[1/5 page of white space]

2. Two out of 9 problems in a 2nd grade Singapore Math assignment from a similar point in the curriculum (Primary Mathematics 2B, p. 61):

Mrs. Rossi sold 402 concert tickets in 2 days. She sold 382 tickets on the first day. How many tickets did she sell on the second day?

[1/5 page of white space]

A boat can carry 5 people. How many boats are needed to carry 43 people?

[1/5 page of white space]

Extra Credit:

Compare the amounts of math in the two problems sets and estimate the difference. Use numbers and pictures or words--or tally marks--to show your thinking. Be creative :)

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