Friday, March 27, 2009

Math problems of the week: 2nd grade Investigations vs. Singapore Math

A. From this week's 2nd grade Investigations homework:

My Own Comic Strip

Family Connection
Students have been creating their own story problems. Here your child is being challenged to write and illustrate a story in which an unknown part (or amount) is being added to a known part (or amount) to create a given total. Being able to visualize what is given in a problem--and what is missing--is an important skill.

1. Write a story for this problem:
36 + ____ = 52
Your story can be funny or silly or serious!

2. Draw pictures that show how your story starts, what happens, and how your story ends.

3. Show or tell how you solved your problem.

B. From a similar point in the Singapore Math curriculum, Primary Mathematics Workbook 2B, p.85:

1. Ben bought a snack from a vending machine that cost 55 cents. He put a one-dollar bill into the machine. How much change did he get?

2. Sam had $8. He bought a toy car for $5.35. How much money did he have left?

3. A toy robot costs $5.90. A doll costs $3.85. How much cheaper is the doll?

C. Extra Credit

Draw a comic strip that shows a child drawing a comic strip to solve each problem set. Your strip should illustrate how comic strip visualization skills help the child solve math problems, and how the child feels about the math that is "given" and the math that is "missing" in each curriculum. Your story line can be funny or silly or serious!

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