Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Local school reinstates local control and evidence-based education

Classes using evidence-based teaching methods like Direct Instruction and Singapore Math will now be offered.

Parents will be allowed to choose whether their children enroll in these classes, or in ones that use the more traditional, child-centered, Constructivist protocols, like Investigations.

Mathematicians and scientists from the partnership university will be allowed into the school to give workshops to teachers and curriculum developers.

Children will be asked whether they prefer to work independently rather than in groups, and their wishes will be respected.

Children will be asked whether they prefer to approach material by making personal connections, or whether they prefer exotic new material that has nothing to do with them.

Children will be allowed to work at their own levels and at their own rates.

Children will be graded based on what they learn at school from teachers and textbooks.


Mrs. C said...

A choice? I'd love to see a link to the school and the rationale. I'm sure there is some reason they're doing this this way. Wouldn't it lead to some students being way behind when they enter middle school? Or is it a way to pidgeon-hole students earlier?

Ok, I'm suspicious. :]

Anonymous said...

April Fools to you too, Leftie.

RMD said...


thanks for the humor!