Saturday, May 16, 2009

Autism Diaries X: If it's negated and in quotes, is it still a threat?

J, explicitly barred from making death threats at school, is testing the linguistic limits of what constitutes such a threat in the "daily free-write" he does in literacy class. Writing about the Grandfather Paradox didn't pass muster; neither did his latest venture:

There was a community where the children are in charge. They made a law "Only children 8 or over can drive." They sell games with Gryffindor Challenge and game that I get billion of beans. They trap adults between floors. They remove a sign saying "I am going to kill you. I am going to murder you." They vandalize wikipedia. They tell adults to build houses.
Somehow, the broader scenario conjured up by this paragraph didn't attract as much concern as the M- and K-words.

Meanwhile, I've just learned that the summer reading assignment includes Lord of the Flies.


Anonymous said...

Its strange that I often wonder whether teachers are not testing those limits as well. My daughter without a hand (how obvious) was given an art assignment to draw a a hand. thankfully, not two. I asked the teacher about this and she was speechless. "To err is to be human." I'll chalk it up to bad judgement. But now my daughter is no longer attending school, so its no longer the teacher's problem.

My advice is not have him do anymore 'free-writes' because its a bit like baiting a child. There's no value in this.

Mrs. C said...

You have to have a sense of humour. I'd be afraid of these schoolpeople by now... they're obviously not on your side.