Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Comic book project is back!

J received a 20 out of 24 overall, having removed the offending elements.

Full points for Dialog/Text and Title Page.

Here's where he fell short:

3 out of 4 for Creativity (measured by number of "creative details and/or descriptions that contribute to the reader's comprehension and enjoyment of the project").

3 out of 4 for Illustrations (measured by how "original" and "detailed, attractive, and related to the text on the page" the illustrations are).

3 out of 4 for Originality (measure by degree of "originality and inventiveness" and how "interesting" the content and ideas are).


3 out of 4 for Grammar and Syntax. (This last one, at least, is self-explanatory--not to mention objective, as well as relevant to aptitude in English).

Yes, this is an English class assignment, even though you lose a point for Dialog/Text if "there is too much dialogue and text in this story."

Also of interest is how the grading rubric factors in some expectations that aren't included on the list of requirements in the original assignment.

Presumably this is because top grades require going above and beyond expectations.

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Mrs. C said...

Ok, that grade is above and beyond what I expected in light of some of the difficulties you outlined!!