Friday, June 19, 2009

Math problems of the week: 6th grade Connected Math vs. Singapore Math

1. Connected Math, p. 78, final word problems in Covering and Surrounding, "Unit Reflections," p. 85:

How would you explain the difference between area and perimeter to a younger student who has not yet studied those mathematical ideas?

Describe calculation strategies that can be used to find the area of each shape and be prepared to justify each procedure.

a. Rectangle (picture with width and height shown)

b. Triangle (picture with height and base shown)

c. Parallelogram (Picture with height and base shown)

d. Circle (Picture with radius and diameter shown)

2. Singapore Math, final problems on area, Primary Mathematics, 6B, p. 93 and 93:

3. Extra Credit

At what point in the curriculum does Connected Math present problems as challenging as the Singapore problems above?

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