Friday, July 3, 2009

Math problems of the week: 3rd grade Investigations vs. Singapore Math

Preliminary division word problems:

1. 3rd Grade Investigations Landmarks in the Hundreds, p. 39
Share a Dollar

Solve the following problem about splitting up a dollar.

Ten third grade students were playing out at recess, and they found $1.00. No one claimed the $1.00, and their teacher told them that if they could figure out a fair way to split up the money, they could keep it. How did they split it up? How did you get your answer?

Now write your own problem about splitting up a dollar.

On the back of this sheet, solve your own problem. Be prepared to share your problem with some of the students in your class.

2. Primary Mathematics 3B, Multiplication and Division, p. 79-80

5 children share 40 cherries equally. How many cherries does each child get?

Mary saves $4 a week. How many weeks will she take to save $24?

Matthew earned $45 in 5 days. He earned the same amount each day. How much did he earn a day?

3. Extra Credit

Which problem set would your 3rd grader rather do?

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