Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Math problems of the week: 2nd Grade Investigations vs. Singapore Math

1. A late-October assignment from 2nd grade Investigations (TERC) "Counting, Coins and Combinations," Session 4.4:

Challenging Story Problems

Solve the problem. Show your work.
Write an equation.

Franco and Sally have 28 cherries and 13 grapes.
How many pieces of fruit do they have?

The teacher had 12 new pencils.
She bought 11 more pencils.
How many pencils does she have now?

Sally has 15 pennies.
Jake has 26 pennies.
How many pennies do they have in all?

2. From about 1/7 of the way through the 2nd grade Singapore Math Primary Mathematics 2B (Standards Edition), "Addition and Subtraction," p. 56:

Mrs. Kennedy made 95 apple tarts, 98 pineapple tarts and 57 orange tarts.
How many tarts did she make altogether?

She made _____ tarts altogether.

This chart shows the number of books in a library.

English books________________ 408
Science books________________ 274
History books ________________ 224

What is the toal number of books in the library?

The total number of books is _________.

A watch costs $167.
A camera costs $48 more than the watch.
What is the cost of the camera?
What is the total cost of the camera and the watch?

The cost of the camera is $_________.
The total cost of the camera and the watch is $ _________.

3. Extra Credit:

Why does the Investigations problem set, but not the Singapore problem set, declare itself "challenging"?

Which is more oppressive to students: making them fill in the blanks, or making them show their work?


CassyT said...

My new mantra from Dr. Banhar Yeap at a SM seminar - "Good practice is variation, not repetition." - is well illustrated in the examples from the Singapore Math. First we have an addition problem, then students are asked to use the same skill with a graph, then with money.

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