Thursday, August 6, 2009

Summer Math Projects: 4th grade

Imagine that you are planning a Back to School picnic. Think about the types of food, drinks and supplies that you would like to have to accommodate the 25 students You only have $100.00 to spend Make a list of what you want, choose a supermarket that isn't too far, get a flyer and search for the best deals! Remember you want to get the most for your money! The goal is to get as close to $100.00 as possible without going over. Make a chart, using a poster board, with pictures from the ads of the items you will purchase. Make sure you invlude the cost of each item, how many you will purchase and the final cost for that item. At the bottom of your poster board, give the total amount you spent.
OILF's counter-assignment for teachers: estimate the amount of time parents of left-brain children will have to spend facilitating their children through this assignment.


Anonymous said...

... this project really doesn't seem that bad. It may be a little time consuming but it seems like more fun than worksheets! Also, the child would be getting practical, real-life lessons from this assignment.

Beth said...

How do I hate this project? Let me count the ways:

1.) Like a lot of elementary school homework, it's really Mom-work. There's no way your average 9-year-old could complete this without massive assistance from Mom. From locating the grocery store, to buying the poster board, to getting a flyer, to nagging the kid into doing the work, this is one more headache for Mom.

2.) Most of the effort involved is pointless. For a bright child who balks at pointless work, "imagine you're planning a picnic ... now make a poster ..." is the beginning of existential despair. I wish I was kidding, but I'm not. I've seen this happen.

3.) This is a huge time waster. An extremely well-organized Mom might be able to get her child through this in about 3 hours, but that's a bare minimum. Remember there's a trip to the grocery store, and a trip to buy poster board.

4.) Public school is supposed to provide a free education. As soon as you require poster board that you don't provide, you've violated that. In this recession, people are really pinching pennies, and for some families, this is asking too much.

5.) It's called summer vacation because it's supposed to be a vacation! Hello!

I don't see this as a left- or right-brain problem. This is about the schools thinking they have a right to tell me what to do with my kids in our own time. I don't agree.