Thursday, October 29, 2009

Math problem of the week: 7th Grade 1920's math vs. Connected Math

1. From the last graphing problems in Hamilton's Essentials of Arithmetic: Higher Grades, Chapter II, "graphs" section (intended for "year 7"), p. 131:

Trace a curve to illustrate the following changes in temperature for a certain day: 7 A.M., 400; 9 A.M., 420; 11 A.M., 460; 1 P.M., 500; 3 P.M., 530; 5 P.M., 490; 7 P.M., 460

2. From the last graphing problems in 7th grade Connected Mathematics Variables and Patterns: Introducing Algebra, Investigation 5, "Using a Graphing Calculator," p. 68:

Write a letter to a friend explaining how to use a graphing calculator to make graphs and tables. Use a specific example to illustrate your explanation.

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Beth said...

Ugh. I see this in my daughter's homework all the time. She spends more time writing explanations of how to do math than actually doing math.

Math is, among other things, a language. Like all languages, it is best learned on its own terms. You can't learn French by speaking English. Equally, you can't learn math by writing about it. You need to do actual math, expressed in equations.