Friday, November 20, 2009

Math problems of the week: 4th grade Mathland vs. Singapore Math

I. The final word problems in Mathland's 4th grade Skill Power, p. 219:

Choose the Answer

Gloria scored 12 points in last night's basketball game She scored 1/6 of her team's points. How many total points did the team score?

A. 24 points
B. 36 points
C. 72 points
D. 84 points

Explain your thinking.


Which size?

Corn Crunchies are on sale. The 10-oz size is $1.60. The 24-oz size is $3.36. Which size would you buy to et the most for your money?

Show how you know.


True or False?

A can of cat food costs $1.20. True or false? You can buy 9 cans with a ten-dollar bill.

Explain how you know.


II. The final word problems in Singapore Math 4th grade Primary Mathematics Workbook, 4B, p. 161-2:

A tank can hold 30.1 gal of water. A bucket can hold 1/7 as much water as the tank. Find the capacity of the bucket.

Neil saved 15 quarters in January. He saved 35 nickels in February. He saved 21 dimes in March. How much money did he save in the three months?

How many quarters are there in $116.75


III. Extra Credit

Which does your child prefer: doing easier problems and explaining his or her answer, or doing harder problems?

Show how you know.

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