Monday, November 23, 2009

Sociability and feline adoption

A left-brain friend visited this weekend, and recounted to me her trials of adopting a cornish rex. A month after filling out her application, the breeder called her up to say the following:

"I've determined that you would be an unfit mother."

After my friend asked for more information, the breeder explained that all the other prospective "parents" had called up several times a week to inquire about how their cats were doing. My friend, she pointed out, hadn't called once.

"That's because I'm much more comfortable dealing with cats than with people," my friend replied.


Six months later, my friend received a call from the breeder offering her a cat. "I realized I made a terrible mistake," she explained.


Wendy said...


Before we adopted our dog, I tried to adopt a Brittany. It was difficult. We got turned down by two foster parents. I found our dog because she was listed as a Brittany mix, but I'm not sure she is. But she's perfect anyway.

Nancy Bea Miller said...

Couldn't she have e-mailed the breeder? ;-)