Monday, December 14, 2009

7th grade holiday math project: Just Because I Care About You

A Just - Because - I - Care - About - You MATH PROJECT!

You have been given $2,000 to buy gifts for ten different people in your life. You must decide who you want to give a gift to, what you want to buy them, and why you want to buy them this particular item. You must find a picture of this item with the price. Every item you select has a discount. You must find the discount for each item, calculate how much you will save, and how much the item will finally cost you.

Each student must complete a booklet consisting of 13 pages
Page one is your title page. This must include your name, and title of this project.

Pages 2 - 11 will display:
* A picture of a gift
* The original price
* The discount
* The final price with calculated sales tax ***
* Your math work
* Who the gift is for and why you chose this item for this person

Page 12 will show the price you spent for each item, how much money you spent all together, and how much you have left.
On page 13 you will donate the remaining money to a charity of your choice and explain why you chose this charity.

20% off all major appliances (refrigerator, washer)
50% off all jewelry and clothing

***Please remember, there is a 8% sales tax on everything but clothing.

...Your project will be judged on creativity, accuracy, and neatness.


[Picture of Lamp]

A lamp for my friend Nancy.
My close friend, Nancy, just got married. At the Craft Show last month, she admired a lamp which bears a resemblance to this one. She said it was the perfect lamp for her foyer. I could not pass it up.

[Various calculations]

[Final price]


Nancy Bea Miller said...

Hmm, I could use a lamp in my foyer, now that you mention it! ;-)

Cheryl van Tilburg said...

Wow...I'm "right-brained," but this assignment would make even my head explode.

Deirdre Mundy said...

Wait-- is the lamp considered a major appliance (you plug it in!)? or is it a piece of clothing? (You can wear the shade!)

Will the booklet be graded on neatness, or just the quality of arithmatic? What if my family doesn't HAVE any catalogues or junk mail? What if I don't have 20 people? Is it OK to make some up?

Can I say, "This is a load of @#%@" and then just count on the final exam to make sure I get at least a B in the class? Heck, I'll even settle for a C if I can skip all the cutting and pasting and just do the math instead!!!!

(Projects like this are why I home school. Seriously--why take 30 minutes worth of math and turn it into 3 hours of tears????)

Anonymous said...

This is an excellent project that is very applicable to real lie situations. Despite the opinions of this project will be a good way to determine which students grasp the concepts seeing how it is an application of the concepts rather than a simple memorized way of doing something or memorized answer, the lowest level of Bloom's taxonomy.
Thanks for sharing!

C T said...

Oh, my, anonymous, you just don't get it.