Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Autism Diaries XIV: More erudition

"Wilson! Wi-i-i-lsON! I will save you!" says J, smiling goofily as he chases the basketball he kicked off the court down the grassy slope.

Yes, a basketball; not a volleyball; and yes, the force of gravity; not an ocean current. But nonetheless, an endearing reference to, and partial reenactment of, a scene from one of the few adult he really enjoys and understands.

And one of the most non-mischievous, "neurotypical" jokes we've seen from him.


Nancy Bea Miller said...

I guess I do not watch enough movies, because I did not catch the reference here!

But how wonderful that your boy is making such progress in appropriate jokes!

Faith Paulsen said...

Katie, what a great scene! He's a character, all right. Nancy Bea, I recognize the movie but forget the name. Is it "Marooned" or "Standed"? with Tom Hanks, in which he is marooned on an island alone, his only companion a basketball that he names Wilson. Actually -- that's quite a metaphor for the social lives of some of our kids.