Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Favorite comments of '09: ChemProf on pressure for “innovative teaching” in college

Re: Pressure for "innovative" teaching in colleges, ChemProf writes:

It's definitely ed school related. My college is on an assessment kick, driven in part by the accreditation agency. The problem is that the assessment system is being driven by the ed schools and social sciences, so we get lots of blather about "rubrics", but my numerical assessment system (based on percentages) doesn't count. They've yet to try to dictate how I teach my class, but I wouldn't be surprised if it comes to that eventually.

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ChemProf said...

Thanks! I realized looking back at the original thread that I never answered your question about Ed Schools and accreditation.

You can see the "ed-school-ness" if you look at WASC's criteria for accreditation.

We've also been sent by our accreditation team to UC Merced's Center for Research on Teaching Excellence for resources, but it is rubric-central. Just look at the "Program Learning Outcome" link; those of us who are not text people just start rolling our eyes. You can also see the rubrics that WASC is using for its' assessment of assessment plans.