Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Favorite comments of '09: lgm on schools’ demands on parents

I have so many favorite comments that, to fit them in before the year turns, I must start posting them now. I'll do so in chronological order.

Here's the first, from lgm:

(re: parenting the the 21st century)

When I was a child, my school clearly defined the parent's teaching responsibility. It was to send a note in with the undone homework and notify the teacher if the child was struggling. The teacher would do the actual teaching. My district (Dept of Defense Europe) still has this policy.

In my child's public school district in NY, I am to make up whatever the class didn't get to. The penalty for not doing so is ineligibility for college prep courses. If I want my child to have the education I did I must tutor on the side and pay the community college for the senior year courses as it would be elitist to offer Calculus at the high school. I went to small schools. My kids have over 600 in their grade and so many specialists and paras that the principal has to develop a parking lot schedule to go along with the staff schedule. Academics was not the focus until NCLB came along.

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