Thursday, December 10, 2009

Math problems of the week: 6th grade Everyday Math vs. Singapore Math

1. The final arithmetic problem set in the 6th grade Everyday Mathematics Student Math Journal 1, p. 161:

2. The final arithmetic problem set in 6th grade Singapore Math Primary Mathematics Workbook 6B, pp. 14-18:


Niels Henrik Abel said...

"Does it matter"?

What is the antecedent to the pronoun? There are two possible ways to imagine what the intended question is:

Q1) Does it matter whether you prefer to do operations with fractions or decimals?

A1) No, it doesn't matter what you prefer - you need to learn to do both anyway.

Q2) Does it matter whether operations are done with fractions or with decimals?

A2) Yes, it matters. Fractions are always exact, and you need to be proficient at manipulating them, particularly if you want to succeed at algebra (think: rational expressions).

The self-assessment at proficiency is a hoot, too. How many possess enough maturity to put down an honest answer? Especially at that stage, most kids don't know enough to realize how little they know.

Beth said...

If this is the final exam, what happens to a kid who checks off "needs lots of practice" in all the categories? Will the child be given additional help and practice, or just sent out to summer vacation and the next year of math, which he isn't prepared for?

The emphasis on performance and grades rather than actual learning is a big problem, and it doesn't get better when you have the kids grade themselves. The "grade yourself" portion of this test is huge. It supports the message that the entire function of a year's worth of math classes is to finally pass judgement on the child.