Friday, December 18, 2009

Parent-teacher conference!

I just had my first ever parent-teacher conference from which I did not come away with the sense that there was something wrong with my daughter. No mention of IEPs; of uncooperative, fidgety behavior; of deficiencies in expressive writing. All good. All wonderful, in fact.

Dd has made tremendous developmental strides over the years; I wonder how many others like her are simply following their own idiosyncratic time tables.

But there's also this year's wonderful teacher. All of her teachers, in fact, have been wonderful-- but in different ways. And what for some people is pathology for others is quirky creativity. Perhaps it depends on who you are, what you grew up with, or what you hold nearest and dearest. Whatever it is, would that other left-brain children were as lucky as dd is this year.

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