Sunday, April 18, 2010

Autism Diaries XVI: Letters to the principal

All profanities elided and identifiers removed.

Instigating event:
Dear school district of X,

Ms. X is a very terrible principal. She took the recess away for rest of a year. She's an a**hole. Her mother is a b****.

Apology letter, first draft:
Dear Ms. X,

I am sorry for calling you son of the b****. You can't just take away recess for rest of the year. It is terrible terrible terrible thing that you ever did. I'll tell the school district. If you don't let me have recess, I'll have recess myself. I will stop saying a word against other people's mother. You will be in trouble with the school district.
Second draft:
Dear Ms. X,
 I am sorry for calling you son of the b****. I will stop saying a word against other people's mother. I am worried that I might get suspended or expelled. I do not want any after school detention. I will stop writing an angry letter.
Final draft:
Dear Ms. X,

I am sorry for using bad words against you and your mother. I know that it's wrong to hurt other people with words. I will stop writing mean letters.


Mrs. C said...

It is an awful thing to take recess away for the rest of the year, so I feel for this kid. This child has a good idea about taking his own recess anyway, but it's good generalling not to tell the enemy your battleplan before the war. Next time leave that part out.

The first letter should have called her an NEA patsy or a socialist or a dictator instead of the cuss word. Try to be more creative next time like the adults, kid, and leave her poor mom out of it. You know how disappointed she must be in her daughter to begin with that she is treating kids like this.

What on earth could have been so bad that she would have taken recess away like that?? She does sound kinda evil.

Beth said...

I am SO opposed to taking a child's recess away, ever, for any reason. It's just crazy. Everyone deserves to have a break! Adult workers get breaks that are mandated by law. Children should get at least that much consideration.

I have gone to bat on this issue twice already. Good luck!

Also, check out this article: