Wednesday, April 7, 2010

New GrammarTrainer website: grammar software for autistic spectrum children

I'm officially divorced! From my erstwhile software vendor, that is.  And am now selling my grammar software directly from my website. Like a fresh divorcée, I'm sporting a whole new look.  Check it out at:

For the uninitiated, here's a quick description of GrammarTrainer:  
GrammarTrainer, in contrast to all other language teaching software, has users actively constructing phrases and sentences via interactive linguistic feedback.  It consists of four levels and over 100 lessons. The curriculum begins with simple phrases (e.g., "a circle," "under the rectangle"), gradually progressing to increasingly complex sentences (e.g., "the girls are giving the cookies to the boys";"the lower the sun is, the longer the shadow is"; "He said that you need to help her tie her shoes"). Topics include simple and complex verb tenses, a variety of subordinate clauses, and the pragmatics of pronouns.
Demos are available here (allow a few moments to load):

Parent testimonials and preliminary data suggest that GrammarTrainer may significantly improve the basic grammar skills of language-delayed children on the autistic spectrum.  An efficacy study is currently in progress.

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