Saturday, April 10, 2010

Robotics documentary

Filmmaker Joey Daoud recently wrote me to tell me about a documentary he's been working on that follows high school robotics teams building combat robots for the National BotsIQ Championship. He is currently trying to raise funds to film the championship through a Kickstarter project.

His goal is "to be entertaining, yet motivational to students to get them involved in science and engineering (STEM) programs."

Mr. Daoud is also working on an educational video on getting students (especially girls) involved in STEM programs. "I'd love to get input on from teachers to shape it so it works best for their needs," he writes.

More information on these projects (and how to contribute to them) can be found here.

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Doug Blank said...

Thanks for the link to this documentary; I left some comments there. But I thought that I'd leave a note here too, just to let you know that not everyone thinks "battling bots" is a good way to attract people into STEM fields---even if you add humor.

I am more interested in computing than mechanical and electrical engineering, but have been working with robots in education for many years. Here is a nice discussion of some of what worries me with battling bots:

Robot Conflict

And a tongue-in-check response:

Peacebots Picket Robotic Violence

I would like to study what I would call “peripheral effects”: does the few people that get excited about robot competitions (such as FIRST, BEST, and BotsIQ) actually repel more students than they attract? I think it is worth asking.