Sunday, June 13, 2010

Autism Diaries XIX: Lie detection

Among the other contraptions J has built with his Snap Circuits is a lie detector test (or, as J clarifies it, a "sweat detector" test).  Surprisingly, despite his propensity to prevaricate, he enjoys submitting himself for testing.  In fact he often asks me to ask him certain questions whose answers he's only too happy to lie about, gleefully (knowing all too well that I know that he knows that I know, etc.).  For example, "Did you flush the toothbrushes down the toilet"?

The first time he mentioned using the lie detector as a practical tool, as opposed to as a confirmation of mischief, was one day last week as we walked back from school.  I hadn't had a chance to ask his aide what kind of day he'd had, so J told me that he'd had a "great day," and then presented me with two options:

"Either you can call Mr. M. when we get home and check, or I can take a lie detector test."

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