Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Drawing the right lessons about creativity, II

Ever since I started looking at the world in terms of "left brain" and "right brain" it has struck me that the best creative output involves both types of thinking. For example, creative writing would seem to involve intuition, holistic thinking, visual imagery, and empathy, on the one hand, and linear progressions, verbal precision, auditory sensitivity, and the mechanics of plotting, on the other.

However, I recently came across some interactive creative writing tools on a website sponsored by the National Council of Teachers of English that would seem to combine the worst of both left and right-brain thinking: interactive but inane visual aids and reductionist, formulatic strategies for plotting and character development. Consider these:

The Story Map

The Comic Creator

The Bio-Cube

Though I doubt any efficacy studies have been conducted, my guess is that these tools are more likely to drain away creativity rather than to inspire it.

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Anonymous said...

Shoot me now. Neither my children nor I could possibly have enjoyed writing stories based on these tools.