Thursday, August 12, 2010

Math problem of the week: landmark numbers and made-up problems in 3rd grade Investigations vs. Singapore Math

I. From the end of the 3rd grade (TERC) Investigations Landmarks in the Hundreds Booklet.

2. From the 3rd grade Singapore Math Primary Mathematics 3B workbook:

III. Extra Credit

Singapore Math does not emphasize "landmark numbers"; Investigations does not emphasize the multiplication tables. Which students are better off?

Compare and contrast the madeup problems in Singapore Math and Investigations Math.

Discuss the importance of familiarizing family members with landmark numbers.

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1crosbycat said...

I never heard of "landmark numbers". Can I make up my own, or are they defined somewhere? Is this concept like the new "compatible numbers" which I have seen defined as a "friendly number" that is easy to work with.

Its very important to advise family members, friends, collegues, other parents about landmark numbers - use of them may be a sure sign of a crappy math program!