Thursday, November 18, 2010

Math problems of the week: 4th grade Investigations vs. Singapore Math

I. A 4th grade Investigations homework sheet, assigned in mid-November (click to enlarge):
II. The end of an early multiplication unit in the 4th grade Singapore Math Primary Mathematics 4A (click to enlarge):

III. Extra Credit:

For each problem set, estimate the ratio of tedium to gain in mathematical aptitude.


Alex Francis said...

Wow. If the people who created the first assignment really believe that being able to answer it says anything about knowing how to do math, then they have completely confused declarative knowledge with procedural knowledge. By that reasoning, being able to explain "First sit on the seat. Then push off, put your feet on the pedals, balance, pedal and steer at the same time" means you know how to ride a bicycle...

Anonymous said...

You're fantastic! Faux news should higher you!

You've convienently left out the REST of the assignment AND made it look like the assigment was bad at the same time!

Superb work!