Monday, December 27, 2010

Favorite comments of '10: 1crosbycat and gifted programming

(Gifted programs and obedient kids)


I had read our district's gifted policy and I am not sure exactly what my ideal description of an effective gifted program would be, but this isn't it. Here is a sample from our website:

"The main goal of the senior high gifted program is to encourage the gifted students to challenge themselves and become self-motivated learners. It is also our desire that gifted students become producers of information and performers of artistic feats and services to society.

The curricular framework for meeting the wide range of gifted needs and abilities include these essentials:

Affective skills 
Leadership skills 
Communication skills 
Creative thinking skills 
Decision making skills 
Critical thinking skills 
Logical thinking skills 
Organization and management skills 
Research and independent study skills 
Specific content and career exploration" 

I wonder why a public school should be interested in my kid's "affective skills" and what are they anyway? It seems to be from "Bloom's Taxonomy" which seems to be another educational atrocity from the limited research I have done: 

"Affective: growth in feelings or emotional areas (Attitude)". Includes "valuing" and "internalizing values or characterization" which seem to be the parent's domain, not the school's - but it supports our suspicion that certain kids with certain values are being excluded from opportunities, and that intelligence and academic ability are no longer the focal point of the gifted program.

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