Friday, December 24, 2010

Favorite comments of '10: Anonymous and JanetC on giftedness

(On Mathematically Gifted Boy Finally Gets What He Needs)

I know kids who are in GATE programs and magnet schools who aren't particularly smart and who have no interest in reading and learning. One boy I know was offered a place in a magnet school even though he is only profient in reading and basic in math. So, there really is no place for the gifted and advanced kids.

I have a cousin with a similar story. He was quite the behavior problem until his mom enrolled him in a programming class at the local community college when he was in fourth grade. 

From that point he did continue in his local school district and in the community college until he was a sophomore in HS. At that point he started university and finished with a PhD in some theoretical branch of math which he received when he was twenty two. His mom said the only reason he stayed in HS as long as he did was because he enjoyed playing bridge with the teachers.

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