Thursday, December 30, 2010

Favorite comments of '10: Anonymous on special education

(The year in review)


This has been the experience of several parents of children with autism in our community. Most of what they learn, they are taught at home. Parents don't fault the classroom teachers, they fault naive and over-optimistic assessments by the special ed department (then written into IEP's), which failed to figure out what specific practices and systems would make it possible to adapt the mainstream curriculum for their children. My take-away from this is that there will have to be a lot more nuts-and-bolts, practice-oriented research before children with autism (many of them) will be well-served in mainstream classrooms.

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Anonymous said...

Let me add: sometimes the parents are OK with their children not learning anything in school (initially), because the children are also cognitively disabled and the parents don't have many academic expectations for them. What they're hoping for is socialization and friendships. However, frequently what they find is that the artificial and highly stressful atmosphere in a classroom doesn't lead to the socialization results that they were hoping for, either.