Monday, December 27, 2010

Favorite comments of '10: Barry Garelick on group work

(Neurologists argue for expanding group work)

Barry Garelick Link
There is a presumption in ed school that students have a natural inclination to collaborate. I had the opportunity to teach a lesson in an algebra class at a local high school--this was part of an ed school class I was taking. As an experiment, when I assigned a problem, I told the students they could work in groups, or not, it was up to them. Only one group formed; the rest were content to work by themselves.

I had to report on my experience teaching the lesson in my ed school class, and actually have the class do one of the problems I had assigned. I gave the same instruction. Again, only one group formed: the teacher and the student sitting next to her. 

When I reported that the same thing happened in the class where I taught the lesson, the teacher remarked "Interesting!"

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