Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Favorite comments of '10: Catherine Johnson on Singapore Math placement

(Math problem of the week: 3rd grade Singapore Math vs...)

Catherine Johnson

Assuming I'm remembering correctly, I may know the answer to that question.

At the end of C's 4th grade year, he placed into book 3B in the Primary Mathematics series. '3B' is the second semester of 3rd grade. C. was 1 1/2 years behind students in Singapore.

Recently, a mom here whose child has had Math Trailblazers since Kindergarten told me that she did the same thing I did: she gave her daughter the placement test at the end of 4th grade.

Her daughter placed into the middle of 2nd grade.

(I'll check with the mom to make sure her daughter was the same age as C. --- but I'm fairly sure I'm remembering correctly.)

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