Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Favorite comments of '10: Mrs. C and Nancy Bea Miller on cherry-picking autistic children

(How to ensure that autism is a tiny disability)

Mrs. C

What, you think they don't have room for nonverbal kids like mine in these camps and social groups??

Oh, even the PUBLIC PRESCHOOL that is taxpayer-funded wants to run a daycare as well. Um, but children like mine are specifically excluded because they soak up too much staff time. Just burns me up.

Can we please just QUIT PRETENDING we accept people with disabilities? Because we don't.

I'm discouraged thinking that when my son is older, I won't be able to go out any more AT ALL because he can't go to the restroom with me... and I can't very well leave him outside the ladies' room and expect him to be ok.

July 13, 2010 10:53 PM

Nancy Bea Miller

I can't even tell you how many programs and studies my very autistic son was turned away from, only to later have enthusiastic people tell me about this great program for kids like my son, or how exciting it is that this new study (one that my son was turned down for) has found some exciting new news that will help people (like my son.) Oh the irony, and the injury to one's very soul.

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