Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Favorite comments of '10: Nancy Bea Miller on Bullying

(Preventing bullying: yet more reasons for making students work in groups)

Nancy Bea Miller

One of my sons was bullied in middle school when he was assigned to be lab partner with two classic "mean girls": popular and cruel. How the teacher thought putting a shy, smart, softspoken boy into a threesome with two "heathers" would ever work I simply can't fathom. My son finally told me what was going on, after a miserable week or so and I got onto that teacher as fast as fast could be. To give the teacher credit, he responded immediately, but how about trying to avoid such situations in the first place? Kids are powerless in the hands of thoughtless adults. This educator must have thought all was well with the group he'd assigned...till I clued him in. How many other kids don't speak up?

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