Sunday, March 13, 2011

Home schooling: week 2

Highlights of last week included the final installments of David Attenborough's Life of Mammals series; the Puma chapter of North American Wildlife; Philip Larkin's "The Trees";  Icarus and Daedalus; the Story of Joseph; Sumer and the Babylonians; the rest of Singapore Math 5A fractions; analysis and imitation of sentences with sentential modifiers and appositives (from Story Grammar for Elementary School); the first 9 lessons in French in Action; listening to Corelli; recorder lessons on Youtube; and the Philadelphia Flower Show.

It's going very well, and I feel very lucky to be able to do this. I feel lucky, as well, to have had such supportive feedback, including your many comments.  


Cranberry said...

Have you looked at Virtual High School?

I think you could sign your child up as an independent student.

Katharine Beals said...

I'm not yet clear on the virtues of virtual high schools for home-schooled kids... There's time for me to consider this, however, as she's only in 4th grade.

Deirdre Mundy said...

I think what amazes me most about homeschooling is how much more we can get done than a school-- and in much less time. So, our 'school time' is really only 2 hours a day, which leaves us more time for extra classes (art/dance/sports/etc.) and museums and nature hikes and whatnot. Of course, all those other things are educational as well, but if my daughter was chained to a desk 6 hours a day, we wouldn't get to do as many of them.

Also, since my daughter is a "bit" on the ADHD side, I'm not sure that in a classroom her best effort would be going to LEARNING. When she has to sit still and not interrupt, all her focus goes towards that, and she doesn't have anything left for the actual academics.....

Also, homeschooling means no homework!